Friday, March 8, 2013

The Things Out of Ainsley's Mouth

Had to immediately write this down as I am sure I will forget.  Ainsley at the dinner table..."Braeden, Braeden, Braaeeeddennna...I'm talking to you".  Writing it doesn't do it justice but she has been on fire tonight.

Back in bed, back in bed

Moona = the book Good Night Moon
Shoowl = wants to stand on the stool and wash her hands
Fish = The Fish book grandma got her for Christmas
Barna = Little Red Barn book
Pop Pop = Cake Pop
Po Pup = Pull Up

Oh I could go on and on.  The screaming and whining that accompanies learning to speak I could do with out, but it is amazing to watch toddlers speech develop.  She gets so excited when I understand what she says.  One day it took me a while to figure out what she was saying and when I repeated back what she was trying to say she got a huge grin and started clapping. 

Braeden attended his first soccer practice today with Hudson.  Oh boy those two crack me up.  So fun to watch them both.  B was totally pooped when we came home as you can see below...
Car to couch without even blinking.  Ainsley had to get dozy(cozy) too!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Moments of Bliss

I was sitting at the computer just now working on Toddler Group stuff and noticed the fighting over toys had momentarily ceased.  There was a song playing on Sid the Science kid about exercising and I looked over to see Braeden and Ainsley both dancing around the room together.  Hilarious!  The last few weeks I have been pulling my hair out a lot, so had to take a few moments to write this down. 

Braeden and Ainsley seem like they have aged months in weeks for some reason.  I went to Palm Desert to visit Nina and Papa with Ainsley and Johnna.  So much fun enjoying the sun, over eating and catching up.  It was our first girls trip and the first boys weekend for Braeden and Dave.  When they picked us up at the airport Braeden looked like such a big boy.  Not a toddler anymore and it is crazy.

 Someone loved having all the attention for a whole weekend!
 Fun time with Auntie Johnna!
 Loved being in the pool.  Especially kicking and saying hi to Birdo(the owl on the side of the pool meant to scare away birds)
Sassy girl with her little sunglasses!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Potty Party

So we finally took the plunge and started potty training Braeden.  As of this coming Thursday it we are going on two weeks.  Braeden has exceeded my expectations in the pee department and destroyed my expectations in the poo department.  He is scared to go poo on the potty but won't go in a diaper either which = he is holding it and causing a whole new set of issues.  I don't need to get into the details, but basically my life if momentarily ruled by poo.  For example it is sunny and beautiful out right now and I am stuck in the house waiting for Braeden to poo.  Oh well, this too shall pass right?

On the positive he is doing great wearing big boy pants and I am even thinking he is not too far off from being dry through the night.  Not something I expected.  The added bonus has been Ainsley's enthusiasm in going on the potty.  She had her second poo today on the potty and another pee which makes approximately 4 or 5 times??!!??  Sibling rivalry at its best!  As soon as B goes poo today we will be hoping in the car to go to Starbucks to get a "pop pop".  This is what Ainsley calls cake pops.  It was the treat I promised/bribed with today.  Never did I think I would talk about poop so much or celebrate potty on the potty.  "Yeah for potty"!!!!!! 

Potty partners in crime!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The kids are getting big (older post I didn't finish)

Every day I tell myself I need to write down the things these kids are doing to make me laugh, and cry but at the end of the day I am so tired or maybe lazy I just don't take the time to do it.  Christmas is around the corner which means we have been having the battle royal to keep ornaments and lights on the tree.  Braeden has already half opened one present which led to lots of yelling.  Oh if I could only get better about yelling.  One of many New Year resolutions...
work out
eat healthier
less TV
less yelling
Those are the top four so far.  The list is growing.

We are totally stir crazy this fine Thursday morning.  I am just getting over being sick.  We have cancelled everything from about last Thursday on so going on a straight week of being home bound for the kids.  I did get out and do some Christmas shopping here and there, but that's about it.  It is funny when I go in stores with kids clothing I always

-never finished this post but know it was prompted because I got really sad while shopping that I don't need to shop in the baby section anymore.  As much as I love watching these crazy munchkins grow up I can already see signs of how all too fast it happens.

A Very Merry Christmas

On the couch with B laying next to me and Dave laying across.  B and I are putting in a movie post treatment of Albuterol & Budesonide.  Tonight was a bit of disaster over at Grandma and Grandpa's house.  We have all been taking turns fighting a nasty cold, but B has a nasty cough which made itself not be ignored at dinner this evening.  Mid family dinner B was changed into pj's and put to bed.  Felt bad for him, but so glad he got some sleep.  We opened gifts and had dessert and got a chance to enjoy things from a very different perspective with Ainsley getting 100% attention.  This is also fun because Braeden still has all of his gifts from G/G and Uncle Mike to open tomorrow.  He woke up when we took him to the car to leave and hasn't even mentioned missing out on anything.  Called the pediatrician to see if I should give him his good old medicine, but feel so thankful that we are just shy of going a whole year!  It was an instant reminder to be thankful for the good health 2012 brought us.  Smile on his face as he is "cozy" on the couch having a slumber party.  I told him "I love you so much" and got a heart melting "I love you so much too mommy" in return.  Best Christmas gift ever!  These last few weeks have been a bit of an emotional roller coaster for B.  Guessing this is our ramp up to the fun that 3 will bring?

Ainsley and I went to Christmas Eve mass last night.  She was a rock star!  The gentleman sitting next to me told me what a good job she did at the end of mass.  For some odd reason during a very beautiful song of which I can not remember I thought about all the families who lost their little ones in Connecticut and I almost completely lost it.  I have been instantly brought to tears so many times since the shooting happened and can not imagine sending my child to school and finding out they had been shot to death.  As a parent all I want to do is protect my kids and hearing things like this makes me wonder what kind of world I have brought them into.  During mass I just felt overwhelmed and thankful that I was able to be there with Ainsley and then leave to go home to the boys.  So easy to get caught up in wanting things to be different, have more etc.  Was nice to have a moment to reflect and just be thankful.

The holidays have been very good to us.  Here are some pics to recap the fun month we have had...
 Kicked it off down in Portland with a visit to Kacie, Costa and Bella.  So hard to believe tomorrow is her 3rd birthday!
The birthday party was a big hit and the kids had such a blast (helped us forget that Dave accidentally locked our keys in the car causing a bit of a scramble to get to the party on time).
 Lighting the Christmas tree or wrestling, I had about twenty or more pictures of them wrestling.
 Gracie and Oscar wanted in on the fun too!
Ainsley had fun rolling in the lights.
Oh toothpaste why must you be so fun.
Our first attempt at potty training was to have B start going into the bathroom to poop(in his diaper).  It has led to a lot of good stories, but now we actually need to start potty training.
Had a fun visit from Papa, Nina and Uncle Joe.  Caught B and A snuggling which is a nice change from the wrestling!
All ready for Christmas Eve Mass
Christmas Eve
 Christmas morning brought lots of gifts and a yummy breakfast
Dinner and lots of gifts opening over at Grandma and Grandpas.

Before I end this post I just have to list a few things I don't want to forget...
-Both kids starting to learn Christmas songs.  In particular tonight Ainsley was getting the "all the way" part of jingle bells.  Hilarious!
-One day we had a knock and the door and Braeden with all the excitement in the world shouted "SANTAS HERE!!!!"
-Ainsley LOVES to go in Braeden's room and today I caught here putting her blankets in his bed to get cozy, which she pronounces dozy
-Braeden bringing the stool into the kitchen to help with anything and everything you name it
-Skyped with the Spokane side of the family last night which mainly consisted of Braeden saying "one more thing" and then dancing around like a lunatic
Now for a glass of wine and enjoying Dumbo. Merry Christmas!


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Grocery Stores and Toddlers

Some days I leave the grocery store with the kids and feel completely victorious, but today was full blown defeat.  Broken jar of salsa isle 10 check, dirty looks from other shoppers check, and almost leaving in tears check check.

Ainsley wins the award for grabbing the salsa jar which fell in slow motion and I just barely missed it hitting the ground and breaking.  She also decided to scream bloody murder, her new fave.  This of coarse draws the looks, the ones that translate to "my kid would NEVER act like that". 

Special thanks to man who threw down several dirty looks and obvious disgust at my use of the enormous carts that take up space.  Yes the cart with the car on the front.  I understand my children were acting like wild monkeys, I was taking up space with the previously mentioned cart, and yes I am responsible for the broken jar down by the Mexican food.  Hope you have a nice relaxing night drinking that case of ice beer.

Hands down worst trip to the grocery store I can remember.

 This is actually from the first time I braved the car cart...
 Hard to maneuver for mom, but lots of fun for the kids!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Bloody trip to the pediatritian

A couple of weeks ago a tiny red mark appeared on Braeden's nose.  At first we thought it was a scratch, but then we realized it was not.  I asked our pediatrician if it was anything to worry about during Ainsley's 15 month check up and she said it was nothing to worry about and should go away.  She did say if it increased in size there was a possibility of having to go to a dermatologist for removal.  Didn't think too much of it, but this past week we noticed it was getting a little bit raised and slightly bigger.

Needless to say Braeden started messing with it once it became raised.  We thought of different names but decided on Zoila.  He would tell me that Zoila was taking a nap on his nose among other funny things.  I told him to leave Zoila alone.

Friday I was feeling like it was a productive day as I daydreamed what we would do for the afternoon.  Something got Braeden in trouble because I sent him to time out for two minutes.  I looked over in the designated chair and to my horror saw blood streaked all over his face!!!!  Immediately I knew he had messed with Zoila.  Not sure what to do I called Woodinville Peds and during my conversation with the nurse (barely could understand each other due to all the screaming) we decided I would bring him in.  Watching way too much TV I immediately started getting scared he would get a flesh eating disease among other things! 

We got coats, shoes and socks on and headed out.  Braeden was pretty upset, but calmed down on the car ride.  When we got to Woodinville Peds I checked in an kindly they give me a room asap.  While waiting Braeden got upset as I wouldn't let him touch anything.  Meanwhile Ainsley was throwing anything she could get her hands on and laughing like a wild monkey.  Got lots of great looks from other kids and parents.  Felt awesome!

Nurse and doctor were wonderful and we got all cleaned up.  Realized I was totally overreacting and Braeden of coarse will be okay.  Hopefully Zoila will go away so we don't have to have her frozen off! 

All better on the ride home!
All wiped out at home.